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Loren Dealy Mahler


Loren Dealy Mahler

Loren Dealy Mahler is the President and Founder of Dealy Mahler Strategies, LLC, a strategic planning and communications firm that helps companies, non-profits and organizations across the national security sector increase the impact of their work.

A seasoned strategic leader with high-level government and private sector experience, Loren has helped clients from the White House to corporate America achieve their objectives through strategic planning, communications and public affairs campaigns.

Loren has advised top government officials in her roles as Director of Legislative Affairs at the National Security Council and as Communications Director for Office of Legislative Affairs at the Department of Defense. In these roles, she was responsible for advancing the Administration’s legislative priorities at the height of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Prior to that, she ran the communications office for the House Armed Services Committee, where she built an operation that elevated the opinions of committee members and made the annual Defense Bill accessible to a public audience.

Since leaving government service, Loren has helped senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and national nonprofits grow and protect their organizations, first as Vice President of Corporate Communications for a large PR firm in New York, and now through her own firm’s work on defense, veterans issues and cybersecurity.

Loren is a graduate of Princeton University and holds a Masters in Public Policy from the McCourt School at Georgetown University. She is also a Fellow at the Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century.