Solutions for the U.S. Industrial Base

Business Development


Business Development

Bid Proposals

We help clients find, review and respond to government solicitations such as requests for information and proposals (RFIs and RFPs).

  • Navigate U.S. Government solicitations to identify new business opportunities

  • Track and forecast the foreign military sales (FMS) licensing process

  • Draft, revise, and red-team solicitation responses to improve odds of successful bid capture


Brand Awareness 

We collaborate with clients to create improved brand awareness among government agencies, getting products and services into the hands of decision-makers and end-users.

  • Facilitate contact with senior-level executive branch officials

  • Enhance government relations and increase name recognition

  • Identify potential allies and partnering opportunities with fellow industry professionals


Procurement Advice 

We review, administer, and troubleshoot government contracts to foster healthy, long-term business relationships between our clients and the federal government.

  • Navigate the labyrinthine government procurement process

  • Monitor acquisition initiatives on Capitol Hill and executive agencies such as DOD

  • Provide real-time alerts on solicitation changes