Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

At Green & Co., we believe that mapping out a short- or long-term advocacy strategy best positions your company for success. We carefully consider and take into account for company objectives, political climates, and budget realities to develop a practical and smart policy solution with a realistic and executable timeline. Our team will work with you to identify and prioritize your goals, then develop a comprehensive, individualized engagement plan. Our team can help you react to new developments that may arise, and with your oversight, we can adjust the plan as needed. Throughout the process our team will track and measure progress. Our team will provide you with the highest level attention as we work together to accomplish your goals.


Research and Analysis

Unlike many firms in Washington, DC, our team believes the foundation of any government relations strategy is an in-depth understanding of its technical components.  Our policy team performs highly technical research and analysis related to your priorities in order to best position your company for success.

We offer high-level intelligence gathering, issue monitoring and legislative analysis; we track Congressional actions from start to finish, reading and analyzing bills and their accompanying reports, identifying and evaluating opportunities, and locating funding and support that can advance your particular issue on Capitol Hill.


Strategic Communications

At Green & Co, we recognize the benefit of implementing a solid media strategy that complements government relations advocacy. Our team is highly skilled in public relations and communications with extensive experience developing a messaging campaign and harnessing relationships in Washington to generate media buzz.  This includes drafting and refining written pieces, such as op-eds that can run in online or print media as well as talking points for news appearances. We are available to assist in developing such pieces, as well as a day-to-day communications strategy, direct media engagement, press releases, and crisis management.