Government Relations

Authorization and Appropriations

We offer clients a unique understanding of the legislative process – from the initial drafting of bill, report, and amendment language to the sensitive legislative negotiations that result in a final, polished piece of legislation for the President’s signature.

We pay close attention to the most subtle of policy changes providing real-time alerts and insights throughout the process. At every step of the way our clients are given a tailored budget analysis with the most relevant provisions and strategic advice on how to consistently and effectively engage policymakers to promote client interests.

Through our extensive network of relationships in the House and Senate, especially with committees of relevance to your issue, our team can help translate your goals into law.


Policy Engagement

Advocacy at Green & Co. is not limited to Capitol Hill. A majority of our clients require outreach to Executive Branch officials and, in some cases, military commands. Our team boasts a coalition of consultants and advisors, many of whom served in high-level positions within the Executive Branch or the military. J.A. Green & Co. can provide our clients access to key defense agencies and personnel within the federal government – all with the objective of advancing your goals while protecting U.S. national security.


Congressional Investigation Testimony Preparation

Our in-house legislative counsel works with clients to prepare well-researched, well-formulated responses to Congressional investigations and inquiries. If you agree to testify, whether before Congress or other audiences, we will work with you to draft and refine written and oral statements, build reference materials in support of your testimony, and prepare you for delivering your oral statement. Our strategic planning enables clients to respond to Congressional questions with succinct clarity and fullness while also preparing clients for follow up with Congressional members and staff after an appearance.


Navigating the FMS and FMF Process

With access to former State Department officials and relationships with relevant committees on Capitol Hill, J.A. Green & Co. tracks and advises clients who wish to sell their military products to foreign governments. We have helped clients gain understanding of the complex processes governing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Foreign Military Financing (FMF) while also providing regular updates on the foreign policy contexts impacting a sellers’ ability to gain approval from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.