US Military and Environmentalists United in Magnesium’s Development

Shihko Goto, Resource Investing News With gas prices showing no signs of coming down, hopes for more affordable fuel-efficient cars are rising ever higher. For magnesium producers, such expectations are particularly strong given the metal’s potential to produce more cost-effective and lightweight magnesium-ion batteries for automobiles. In addition, magnesium producers may […]

Government fumbles opportunity on processing rare earths

Lou Kilzer, Pittsburg Tribune-Review Four days after America’s largest rare earth mining company announced it soon would have enough material to ship to China, the Obama administration said it would force the Chinese to ship more rare earth elements to the United States. Confused? Industry insiders say you should be. Rare […]

U.S., EU, Japan Seek WTO Consultations On China’s Rare Earth Export Curbs

Scott Otterman, Inside U.S.-China Trade The Obama administration, backed by the European Union and Japan, this week took the first step toward a potential World Trade Organization challenge of Chinese restrictions on rare earths materials, tungsten and molybdenum by requesting formal consultations. But senior administration officials said in a March 13 […]

Industry Representative Reacts to Obama’s China Trade Announcement

Press Release, Business Wire At a press conference this morning, President Barack Obama addressed China’s increasingly restrictive policies on rare earth exports. Earlier on Tuesday, the European Union, the United States and Japan filed a case with the World Trade Organization in an effort to address Beijing’s tough export quotas. The […]

The US Tries to Gain Control of Rare Earth Minerals

Darren Gersh, Nightly Business Report SUSIE GHARIB: If you use high-tech products or own shares in high-tech companies, you’ll want to keep an eye on the trade case the U.S. filed against China today. It targets Chinese exports of rare earth minerals. Those minerals are critical to high-tech manufacturing, and China […]

The rare earth advantage

Scott Tong, Marketplace Kai Ryssdal: If you want to make a cell phone or an electric car or wind turbines or guided missiles — all of which are in varying demand in the wider world — you’ve got be able to get your hands on something called rare earth metals. China […]

Rare earths deal likely to ‘set off alarm bells’

Lou Kilzer, Pittsburg Tribune-Review A proposed deal would send rare-earth elements from America’s single major mine to factories in China, bending if not breaking the idea of full American independence in the strategically vital materials. “I would be surprised if this doesn’t set off alarm bells in the Defense Department,” Washington-based […]

Lawmakers to use Defense bill to advance minerals policy

Manuel Quinones and Annie Snider, Greenwire Lawmakers calling for greater U.S. production of rare earth elements and downstream technologies are planning to continue using the defense appropriations process to advance their agenda. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), who yesterday announced he would co-chair the new congressional Rare Earth Caucus, said he would […]

Jeff Green Testifies on US Inactivity regarding Strategic Materials

Press Release, Businesswire At a hearing today before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Jeff Green testified that the U.S. has lost critical supply chain capabilities and significant technological capital to China and that the lack of a deliberately thought-out U.S. policy for strategic and critical materials has resulted in […]

Obama, Congress Urged To Go Beyond Trade Case To Secure Critical Inputs

Staff Writer, Inside US-China Trade U.S. producers and users of rare-earth inputs for high-technology manufacturing continue to support the filing of a challenge of Chinese export restraints at the World Trade Organization, but argue that this will not, in and of itself, resolve the issue of an insecure supply of critical […]

J.A. Green and Company Assembles Strategic Materials Advisory Council

Brandon Tirpak, Asian Metal Washington, DC-based J.A. Green and Company announced that it will form an advisory council consisting of industry experts and senior US defense leaders. The council will work to identify risks affecting the current supply chain of strategic materials, such as rare earths, in regard to the United […]

J.A. Green & Company Forms Strategic Materials Advisory Council

Press Release, BusinessWire J.A. Green & Company announces the creation of the STRATEGIC MATERIALS ADVISORY COUNCILin response to numerous threats facing the U.S. industrial base and strategic and critical materials supply chain. This group of former Department of Defense leaders and industry experts will provide practical solutions and support to ensure […]

GOP lawmakers target competition for rare earths

Lou Kilzer, Pittsburg Tribune-Review Three congressional Republicans came out swinging on Wednesday against what they say is excessive red tape keeping the United States from competing globally for strategic rare-earth materials. While emphasizing they don’t want to abandon environmental controls, the trio predicted that bills they are sponsoring to help clear […]

DLA Aims To Address Rare-Earth Materials In Annual Materials Plan

Amanda Palleschi, Inside the Pentagon The Defense Logistics Agency plans to address the Pentagon’s call to establish an inventory of rare-earth materials to reduce reliance on foreign sources of those metals deemed vulnerable parts of the U.S. supply chain. Although the agency will address the issue in its Annual Materials Plan […]

People on the Move

Eric Naing, CQ Roll Call Sean M. Joyce has been promoted to deputy director of the FBI. Joyce was executive assistant director of the national security branch. He has served as assistant director of the FBI’s international operations division. He also has served as chief of the counterterrorism division’s international terrorism […]

Technology Metals Research Releases New Report on Projected Supply and Demand of Critical Rare Earths, Ranks Top Contenders Vying to Be New Sources of Their Supply

Press Release, Digital Journal Technology Metals Research, LLC (TMR), a leading provider of market intelligence and analysis of the rare-earths sector, today announced the publication of its Critical Rare Earths Report, containing global supply and demand projections and rankings of the leading contenders for new sources of supply. The use of […]

RARE EARTHS: Lawmakers press Pentagon on supply report

Annie Snider and Manuel Quinones, Greenwire A bipartisan group of lawmakers is urging the Pentagon to get its act together to make sure there won’t be a shortage of tools and weapons made with rare earth elements, which are found in numerous systems from lasers to precision-guided bombs. In a strongly […]

US Rare Earth Public Policy Needs to Move From Studies to Actions

Lisa Reisman, Metal Miner One of my favorite consulting slogans of all time — “Analysis Paralysis” — aptly captures the state of US public policy on rare earth metals and critical minerals (not to confuse the two). After our story last week on testimony presented to the House Committee on Natural […]

Rare Earths Stockpile May Prove Tricky: Analysts

Catherine Ngai, American Metal Market A bill encouraging the stockpiling of rare earths set to be debated on Capitol Hill may prove difficult to implement due to technical and economic constraints, according to analysts. Rep. Mike Coffman (R., Colo.) introduced an amendment to the fiscal 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that […]

Concern Grows Over Rare-Earths Supply

David J. Hansen, Chemical & Engineering News The increasing awareness of potential shortages of critical rare-earth materials in the U.S. is getting a government response this year. Despite the challenges of mining these materials, their importance to the manufacture of a wide array of products, from gasoline to electronics and hybrid […]

Washington Begins to Examine REE Supply Chain

Robin Bromby, Rare Metal Blog Just how quickly do things change in Washington? Well, slowly, it seems, when it comes to rare earths. Back in October 1957, the Department of the Interior reduced its level of financial aid aimed at exploration for a number of important minerals – among them rare […]


Technology & Rare Earth Metals Center, Legislation: Past, Present and Future, Arlington, VA

U.S. Control of ‘Rare Earth’ Minerals Slipping

Lou Kilzer, The Pittsburg Tribune  When China slashed export quotas of fundamental minerals in 2010, it awakened America to a danger that has been building for more than a decade, experts say. Those minerals, called “rare earths,” shape a modern nation’s defense and economy. Your iPhone and hybrid car won’t work […]

Rare-Earths Producer Molycorp, Rivals Lobby Congress

Jim Synder, Bloomberg News Corrects Pea Ridge rare-earths production plans in 10th paragraph. Molycorp Inc. and potential rivals in rare-earth mining are competing for advantage as lawmakers seek to revive U.S. production of the minerals used in products from “smart” bombs to wind turbines and mobile phones. The company, which is […]

Will Gates Address Chinese Rare Earth Strong Arming

Caroline May, The Daily Caller Though Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in China this week to discuss military relations, the Defense Department remains mum as to whether the secretary will discuss with the Chinese their recent announcement that they are drastically reducing exports of materials integral to the function of many […]

Ford, Without Rescue, Beats ‘Government Motors’ in Obama Orders

Jeff Green and Angela Greiling Keane, Bloomberg BusinessWeek Ford Motor Co., which eschewed a 2009 U.S. bailout, sold the most cars and trucks to the federal government this year for the first time since at least 2005, belying concerns the Obama administration would favor its government-owned competitors. The U.S. bought 21,980 […]

Rare-Earth Materials Measure Unlikely to Pass Before Session’s End

Lauren Gardner, CQ Today Congress is likely to adjourn without enacting legislation to re-establish a domestic supply chain for rare-earth materials, industry experts and lobbyists agree — despite concern that Chinese market dominance poses economic and national security threats. The House passed a bill (HR 6160) in September to create an […]

Lobbyists see earmark business turn to ashes

Kevin Bogardus and Roxana Tiron, The Hill Lobbyists who have built their careers around securing congressional money for clients are facing the biggest squeeze yet on their business as earmarks begin to disappear from Washington. Since capturing the House in the midterm elections last week, Republican leaders have affirmed their support […]

House Armed Services Poised for Partisian Shakeup

Frank Oliveri, CQ Today The Democratic side of the House’s top defense policy panel will undergo one of the most radical overhauls in its history when the 112th Congress opens, after elections and a retirement swept from their ranks at least a century of defense expertise. Three of the top six […]

China Pledges Rare-Earth Supply as Users Abroad Say Prices Soar

Mark Drajem and Gopal Ratnam, Bloomberg News Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) — China, producer of more than 90 percent of the world’s rare earths, pledged to maintain supplies as users of the minerals needed for electronics, wind turbines and smart bombs said prices are soaring. The nation will “continue to supply rare […]

Is China’s Rare Earth Power Play Really Such a Big Deal?

Steve Levine, Foreign Policy The supply of so-called strategic rare earth metals — needed for wind turbines, advanced batteries, disc drives, flat-screen TVs, and smart bombs, among other things — has definitely either slowed or stopped from China. The question is why: Has China cut off Japan in a pique of […]

Lack of ‘Rare Earth’ Minerals Could Cause Major Problems

Although they deny it, many around the world are saying that the Chinese have curtailed or halted the supply of what are called “rare earth materials” to Japan, in apparent retaliation for Japan’s refusal to issue an apology in its dispute with China over a detained fishing boat captain. No […]

China Denies Halting Rare-Earth Exports to Japan

SHANGHAI—China said it hasn’t limited export of rare-earth elements to Japan, denying a report that it had halted exports of the materials to its neighbor as retaliation in a territorial dispute. “China doesn’t block rare earth exports to Japan,” Chen Rongkai, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce, said Thursday. […]

Amid Tension, China Blocks Vital Exports to Japan

Keith Bradsher, The New York Times HONG KONG — Sharply raising the stakes in a dispute over Japan’s detention of a Chinese fishing trawler captain, the Chinese government has blocked exports to Japan of a crucial category of minerals used in products like hybrid cars, wind turbines and guided missiles. Chinese […]

Securing the Supply of Rare Earths

Mitch Jacoby, Chemical & Engineering News Clustered at the bottom of the periodic table like a chemical afterthought, the rare-earth family is a collection of tough-to-pronounce elements that tend to go largely unnoticed in most chemistry classes. But don’t misjudge the rare earths. Their low classroom popularity belies the critical role […]