The Industrial Base Gears Up for Great Power Conflict

By Jeff Green. Originally published in National Defense Magazine For decades, free-trade ideology has dominated discussions about manufacturing and economic development in the United States, even with respect to the defense industrial base. Though policies stemming from this ideology have succeeded in generating great wealth for the U.S. economy, they […]

Defense companies buckle up for budget whiplash in 2019

Defense firms, fresh off a two-year budget deal that created some predictability in Pentagon spending, are strapping in for a roller coaster ride in 2019. Chief among the concerns is the widely divergent possibilities for the overall size of the proposed defense budget for fiscal 2020, due to Congress in […]

The decline of the defense industrial base – and what to do about it

Supporters of a strong defense industrial base should view this report as a significant step forward for the U.S. military. After years of being overlooked, the sub-tiers of the defense industrial base, in particular, are now being monitored, evaluated, and supported. The Department of Defense and the White House have started an important conversation by doing the research to bring these problems to the foreground, and it will be up to Congress next year to provide the resources and legislation necessary to cure them.

The 2019 NDAA: A Step Forward on Strategic Minerals

By Jeff Green. Originally posted August 28, 2018, on RealClearDefense. DoD Photo by Kimberly Conrad With the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), along with several executive orders promulgated this year, the Federal government is finally getting serious about revitalizing the defense industrial base. This strategically critical sector […]

Why Congress should embrace Market Research for DOD

By Jeff Green, Originally Published in FCW Tucked away in this year’s version of the Senate National Defense Authorization Act is a provision with potentially far-reaching benefits for IT acquisition within the Department of Defense. This provision modifies acquisition law for major defense programs to facilitate the integration of independent […]

Dangerous Dependence on China for Critical Minerals Runs Deep:

Real Clear Defense  Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, determined that the United States’ economic and military security depend upon 35 essential minerals. Unfortunately, our nation is import-reliant on 30 out of 35. Most alarmingly, we rely on one country — China — for our supply of 12 critical minerals, […]

America’s critical minerals problem has gone from bad to worse

It is no secret that the United States has a critical minerals problem. As the Pentagon’s top acquisition official Ellen Lord said recently, “We have an amazing amount of dependency on China.” Lord called the findings of a forthcoming report on the defense industrial base “quite alarming,” and noted that China is America’s “sole source for rare earth minerals.”

J.A. Green & Co. Signs Seven New Clients

AHEAD OF THE FILINGS: J.A. GREEN SIGNS SEVEN: J.A. Green & Company has seven new clients: Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC to lobby on “issues related to direct commercial sales of certain small-arms”; GN Hearing to lobby on “procurement of advanced hearing protection”; Global Tungsten & Powders to lobby on “issues related to government acquisition of tungsten”; Mark Barnes & […]

Trump’s executive order on minerals will boost national defense

By: Jeff Green Last month, President Trump took an important step toward ensuring America’s long-term national security by signing an executive order to improve access to America’s metals and minerals. The order fundamentally changes U.S. policy toward critical minerals and will assure the United States has access to these materials for use in every […]

America’s mining policy undermines national security

By: Jeff Green After nearly two decades of war, the American military must address a readiness crisis. Both Congress and the Trump administration are working to rebuild the military’s front-line forces. But readying America’s industrial base to support the force of the future requires further action. The Department of Defense should be […]

Op-Ed:US Military Needs Rare Earth Elements for Future Wars

By: Dean Popps, Former US Army Acquisition Executive Our national security relies on our industrial, economic, and agricultural strength to win wars. By the end of WWII, the US was producing a bomber an hour, a ship a day, and was feeding half the world. Combined with our unparalleled American warrior […]

The Chinese threat, in the sky and underground

The Chinese threat, in the sky and underground By John Moody Addressing the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy this week, President Trump bragged, “I won’t talk about how much I saved you on the F-35 fighter jet,” referring to America’s state-of-the-art military aircraft. What the president might not […]

‘Buy American’ helps secure the U.S. supply chain [Commentary]

Jeffrey A. Green, DefenseNews In the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, commentators have condemned, even ridiculed, it — and thus demonstrated a fundamental and consistent misunderstanding of the vital role a secure domestic supply chain plays in our national security. While purists assert the […]

U.S. Congress to vote on support for domestic critical materials supply lines

Greg Klein, Resource Clips With an eye to national defence, American lawmakers will decide whether their government should help develop domestic supplies of rare minerals. A Congressional bill introduced March 7, Rep. Duncan Hunter’s proposed METALS Act (Materials Essential to American Leadership and Security) would offer a number of inducements […]

Guest Commentary: Jeff Green On New Congressional REE Policy Initiative

Sandra Wirtz, American Resources  The following is a guest post by American Resources expert and J.A. Green & Company president and founder Jeffery A. Green The United States has placed itself in a very precarious situation with respect to its ability to produce and refine strategic and critical materials. Over the past […]

J.A. Green & Co. Again Ranked Top Defense Lobbying Firm

An analysis of Washington D.C. defense lobbying firms conducted by Bloomberg Government ranked J.A. Green & Co. as the #6 defense lobbying firm for the fourth quarter of 2016 and the #6 firm over the past four quarters. The analysis was conducted using information from U.S. Senate lobbying disclosure filings. […]

Defense lobbying down but Trump era predicted to bring ‘full employment’

Jermey Herb, Politico Defense industry lobbying expenditures declined last year, according to new data, but lobbyists remain bullish that a proposed military buildup will bring a new surge as companies jockey to shape policy and influence the appropriations process. Twenty of the biggest Pentagon contractors spent $108.2 million on lobbying in […]

Defense lobbyists deluged in wake of Trump victory

Ellen Mitchell, Politico Defense lobbyists are getting inundated with calls from longtime clients and new prospects eager to take advantage of a potential military buildup but also uneasy that President-elect Donald Trump will spark a trade war and jeopardize lucrative arms deals, according to multiple defense lobbyists, consultants and industry officials. […]

This Year’s Defense Authorization Legislation: What You Need to Know

On December 17, 2015 the George Washington University Law School Government Procurement Law Program hosted a moderated discussion on procurement reform measures included in the Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. Jeffery A. Green, J.A. Green & Co., and Christopher R. Yukins, The George Washington University Law School, moderated […]

J.A. Green & Co. Ranked Top Defense Lobbying Firm

An analysis of Washington D.C. defense lobbying firms conducted by Bloomberg Government ranked J.A. Green & Co. as the #5 defense lobbying firm for the second quarter of 2015 and the #6 firm over the past four quarters. The analysis was conducted using information from U.S. Senate lobbying disclosure filings. […]

House Natural Resources Testimony

On June 25, 2015, Jeff Green testified before the House Natural Resource Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources on H.R. 1937, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2015 .   Green’s full written testimony to the Commission can be downloaded here. Complete coverage of the hearing can be viewed […]

Drive to replace Humvee poses big test for Army

For the companies lining up to build as many as 50,000 new vehicles to replace the Army’s Humvee — the ubiquitous symbol of America’s recent ground wars — the stakes are high. For AM General, the contract award could determine if it remains the main provider of U.S. Army transport […]

INFINIUM Will Present its Clean Metals Technology at White House Event

INFINIUM Will Present its Clean Metals Technology at White House Event Invited as part of White House Clean Energy Investment Summit Natick, Massachusetts, June 16, 2015 Responding to the President’s call to action to expand private sector investment in solutions to climate change, INFINIUM will present its plan to introduce […]

SpaceX roils space launch industry with innovative technologies, advocacy

Frank Morring, Jr., Jen DiMascio, Amy Svitak, and Amy Butler, Aviation Week & Space Technology The world’s increasingly enmeshed space launch industry has one more factor to consider as it struggles to accommodate the geopolitical uproar over Russia’s Crimean adventure. His name is Elon Musk. Musk continues pushing hard to become […]

Green & Co. Highlighted in Politico Influence

J.A. Green & Company was highlighted in the March 25th edition of Politico Influence: SpaceX Signs Second Lobbyist this Month The rocket and spacecraft technology company is gearing up for discussions on satellite launches. It’s signed back-to-back hires with American Defense International and J.A. Green and Company this month, both focused […]

Pentagon Says Rare Earth Elements Less at Risk

China controls the rare earth elements that US defense relies on for its high-tech equipment, and now the Pentagon is claiming that the balance is shifting. There is always a risk that China, which monopolizes extraction of rare earth elements, could disrupt supplies diverted for use in US military applications, […]

Stakes High if Congress Can’t Pass NDAA

Juana Summers, Politico House and Senate aides say they’re closer to reaching an accord, and remain optimistic that the bill — which represents about half of the discretionary budget — will pass. The two chambers may attempt to each pass similar legislation and send it back and forth across the Capitol, […]

US Military Spending Cuts: No Change on the Horizon

US military spending is currently constrained by ongoing budget battles in Congress, with consequent negative affects for titanium and other strategic metals – and the situation is unlikely to change any time soon. This was made clear by legislative expert Jeffrey A. Green, of J.A. Green & Co., in a […]