Business Development

Business Development

Navigating U.S. Government solicitations to identify new business opportunities can be complicated and time-consuming. Our team of skilled researchers conducts daily reviews of government solicitations and identifies those that may be relevant to your interests.  Located across the river from the Pentagon and a short drive from Fort Belvoir, VA, a U.S. Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA, and Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, we can help get your product in the hands of the end-user. We are also adept at using our established network of relationships and trusted reputation to find you partners in private industry, whether for supply agreements or research and development efforts. Whether large or small, we recognize the importance of forward thinking, relationship building, and government experience to position a company to grow.


Brand Awareness

Whether your company is new to Washington, DC or you are looking to expand your government outreach, our team can make your presence known in the U.S. Government market. Our team will help present your company’s unique capabilities and applicability in order to enhance government relationships and increase name recognition. We also realize the importance of brand awareness off of Capitol Hill and can expand your company’s reach into other government agencies and departments. Our team of consultants and advisors can introduce you to senior-level executive branch officials and fellow industry professionals.


Procurement Advice and Protests

We help clients navigate the labyrinthine procurement process. From monitoring acquisition reform initiatives on Capitol Hill and drafting statements of work, to building compliance matrices for use in submitting a Request for Proposal response and handling procurement protests, J.A. Green & Co. has helped clients across the spectrum achieve their business goals.


Media Appearances

Our clients, employees, and consultants field frequent requests to appear on local or national television and radio broadcasts, as well as to give quotes for written articles. No matter the task, Green & Co. prepares its clients with talking points, background information (including on reporters and previous stories), and tips for media engagement. Our extensive experience is evidenced by our frequent client exposure and firm appearances with top media outlets such as ABC, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN, Fox Business News, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, CBS Marketwire, USA Today, the BBC and many others.


Proposal Development

Working with the government can be a highly rewarding experience, but oftentimes government solicitations – from sources sought announcements to requests for proposals – can be complex and difficult to navigate. Green & Co. can help you identify and track an issue of interest from start to finish including attending industry days, providing regular status updates, and suggesting appropriate meetings with relevant officials. Once you have decided to pursue a specific opportunity, we can draw upon our team’s decades of experience to help identify response requirements and evaluation criteria, establish a timeline and project management plan, and draft your winning proposal.


Contract Management

Our work doesn’t stop at contract award. As we become deeply familiar with your business goals and methods, the Green & Co. team can refine and promote your interests throughout the contract period to ensure all expectations – both the government’s and your own – are met.