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The Pentagon Fights to Kick Its Oil Habit

Every year, final debate over the defense authorization bill is dominated by a few controversial topics, most recently terrorist detainees and gays in the military. This year, one of the biggest fights is shaping up over alternative energy. As the country’s — and perhaps even the world’s — single largest […]

Politico Morning Defense 12/12/12

SPOTTED at the Center for a New American Security Holiday Party: Nora Bensahel; Joel Smith; OST’s Jessica Merrell; CNAS President Richard Fontaine; Arab American Institute’s Vieshnavi Rattehalli; J.A. Green and Company’s Ryan Caldwell; Jacob Stokes; National Journal’s Sara Sorcher; Foreign Policy’s Kevin Baron; and James Swartout, Senior Advisor OSD, who […]

Pentagon Challenges Chinese Monopoly on Rare Earths

The Pentagon and Toyota Motor Corp. are trying to crack China’s global monopoly on mining the most valuable rare earths used in unmanned military drones and electric-car motors. The U.S. Department of Defense and Asia’s biggest carmaker are working with Canada’s Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UCU) and Matamec Explorations Inc. […]

Political Survival and the “Fiscal Cliff”

This article was originally published by ProEdge Wire. To view the original publication, please click here. By Jeffery A. Green The weeks leading up to and immediately following the New Year usually are marked by the hope-filled anticipation of a fresh start. But this New Year, America can anticipate taking […]

The Defense Implications of Rare Earth Shortages

This article was originally published by the National Center for Policy Analysis. To view the original publication, please click here. by Jeffery A. Green Rare earth elements are used in everyday products: smart phones, hard disc drives, flat-screen televisions and advanced batteries. They are essential to such “green” technologies as […]

Critical And Strategic Materials Industry Has A New Voice In Washington, D.C. Aimed At Countering Multinational Company Bias Against U.S. Producers

Richard McCormack, Manufacturing & Technology News A new Washington, D.C., advocacy group has been formed to promote government policies aimed at reviving domestic production of strategic and critical materials. The new Strategic Materials Advisory Council is comprised of former senior U.S. government defense and materials officials and industry experts. They are […]

US Jeopardized by Dependence on China for Rare Earths

Matthew Robertson, The Epoch Times WASHINGTON—The United States is dependent on China for nearly one quarter of the critical rare metals used in cell phones, laptops, and precision guided munitions, posing a risk to its national security, according to an industry group. The report characterizes U.S. dependency on China for these […]

Supply Risk Management Solutions for Rare Earths: Let Industry Take Lead

Lisa Reisman, Metal Miner Here’s why policy-making for strategic metals and materials, rare earths, or whatever terminology you want to use, belongs outside of DC. Existing legislative efforts — including H.R. 4402, National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2012, H.R. 2011, National Strategic and Critical Minerals Policy Act of […]

Group urges congressional action to boost domestic supply

Manuel Quinones, Greenwire The U.S. Magnetic Materials Association, a key advocacy group in the debate over rare earths policy, is urging lawmakers to enact legislation to help restart the domestic supply chain. In a letter this week, the group and other rare earth industry leaders urged lawmakers not to get complacent […]

WTO Suit Won’t End China’s Rare Earth Monopoly: Jeffery Green

Zig Lambo, The Critical Metals Report Washington misses the point about rare earth element supply, says Jeffery Green, founder of J.A. Green & Co. With the Departments of Energy, United States Trade Representative and Department of Defense each approaching China’s near monopoly from different angles and Congress more divided than ever, […]

Pentagon ‘naive’ on rare earth outlook, several experts say

Lou Kilzer, Pittsburg Tribune-Review A Pentagon report that says domestic sources will allow the U.S. military to meet most of its demand for rare earth elements by next year was blasted on Monday by several experts. After more than a year in preparation, the seven-page report predicts an end to China’s […]

US Military and Environmentalists United in Magnesium’s Development

Shihko Goto, Resource Investing News With gas prices showing no signs of coming down, hopes for more affordable fuel-efficient cars are rising ever higher. For magnesium producers, such expectations are particularly strong given the metal’s potential to produce more cost-effective and lightweight magnesium-ion batteries for automobiles. In addition, magnesium producers may […]

Government fumbles opportunity on processing rare earths

Lou Kilzer, Pittsburg Tribune-Review Four days after America’s largest rare earth mining company announced it soon would have enough material to ship to China, the Obama administration said it would force the Chinese to ship more rare earth elements to the United States. Confused? Industry insiders say you should be. Rare […]

U.S., EU, Japan Seek WTO Consultations On China’s Rare Earth Export Curbs

Scott Otterman, Inside U.S.-China Trade The Obama administration, backed by the European Union and Japan, this week took the first step toward a potential World Trade Organization challenge of Chinese restrictions on rare earths materials, tungsten and molybdenum by requesting formal consultations. But senior administration officials said in a March 13 […]

Industry Representative Reacts to Obama’s China Trade Announcement

Press Release, Business Wire At a press conference this morning, President Barack Obama addressed China’s increasingly restrictive policies on rare earth exports. Earlier on Tuesday, the European Union, the United States and Japan filed a case with the World Trade Organization in an effort to address Beijing’s tough export quotas. The […]

The US Tries to Gain Control of Rare Earth Minerals

Darren Gersh, Nightly Business Report SUSIE GHARIB: If you use high-tech products or own shares in high-tech companies, you’ll want to keep an eye on the trade case the U.S. filed against China today. It targets Chinese exports of rare earth minerals. Those minerals are critical to high-tech manufacturing, and China […]

The rare earth advantage

Scott Tong, Marketplace Kai Ryssdal: If you want to make a cell phone or an electric car or wind turbines or guided missiles — all of which are in varying demand in the wider world — you’ve got be able to get your hands on something called rare earth metals. China […]

Rare earths deal likely to ‘set off alarm bells’

Lou Kilzer, Pittsburg Tribune-Review A proposed deal would send rare-earth elements from America’s single major mine to factories in China, bending if not breaking the idea of full American independence in the strategically vital materials. “I would be surprised if this doesn’t set off alarm bells in the Defense Department,” Washington-based […]

Lawmakers to use Defense bill to advance minerals policy

Manuel Quinones and Annie Snider, Greenwire Lawmakers calling for greater U.S. production of rare earth elements and downstream technologies are planning to continue using the defense appropriations process to advance their agenda. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), who yesterday announced he would co-chair the new congressional Rare Earth Caucus, said he would […]

Jeff Green Testifies on US Inactivity regarding Strategic Materials

Press Release, Businesswire At a hearing today before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Jeff Green testified that the U.S. has lost critical supply chain capabilities and significant technological capital to China and that the lack of a deliberately thought-out U.S. policy for strategic and critical materials has resulted in […]

Obama, Congress Urged To Go Beyond Trade Case To Secure Critical Inputs

Staff Writer, Inside US-China Trade U.S. producers and users of rare-earth inputs for high-technology manufacturing continue to support the filing of a challenge of Chinese export restraints at the World Trade Organization, but argue that this will not, in and of itself, resolve the issue of an insecure supply of critical […]

J.A. Green and Company Assembles Strategic Materials Advisory Council

Brandon Tirpak, Asian Metal Washington, DC-based J.A. Green and Company announced that it will form an advisory council consisting of industry experts and senior US defense leaders. The council will work to identify risks affecting the current supply chain of strategic materials, such as rare earths, in regard to the United […]

J.A. Green & Company Forms Strategic Materials Advisory Council

Press Release, BusinessWire J.A. Green & Company announces the creation of the STRATEGIC MATERIALS ADVISORY COUNCILin response to numerous threats facing the U.S. industrial base and strategic and critical materials supply chain. This group of former Department of Defense leaders and industry experts will provide practical solutions and support to ensure […]